Quality Management

Superior outcomes are supported by a culture of accountability and inquiry.

We are committed to ensuring the safety and reliability of the products and services we bring to market through quality strategies, quality systems, and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

Azenta Life Sciences defines quality as not only a feature of our products, but as the value we deliver through our processes and services, taking into account customers’ current and emerging requirements as well as market and industry changes. As a result, we believe we can best measure our success by the ongoing success of our customers.

We succeed in continually improving our performance and quality by empowering each employee to act with:

  • Personal accountability and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction
  • A focus on data-driven decision making and rapid problem resolution
  • Collaboration and teamwork in working both internally with fellow Azenta Life Sciences employees and externally with our suppliers and customers

The Azenta Life Sciences quality management system is based upon and compliant with the ISO:9001 international standard, as well as many other certifications. Please visit ourCertifications pagefor more details.

Biorepository Services

Our biorepository services can only be the best in the industry if our people are trained, certified, and fully understand what quality means.

The security and integrity of your research samples are the standard we use to judge ourselves. To ensure we’re doing all we can, we conduct quarterly internal audits of each of our global biorepositories. We also enlist independent auditors to evaluate our practices to ensure operating procedures are practically fail-proof – though we never take that fact for granted.

Whether we’re using a mobile biorepository to transport a lab or storing your samples until they’re needed, your success and satisfaction is our central goal.

Storing and managing samples to meet tomorrow’s standards

  • Purpose-built biorepositories, stringent processes, and expert staff ensure sample integrity and compliance.
  • Azenta maintains a commitment to quality with over 300 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • A full-time quality assurance team oversees procedures and monitors evolving regulations to keep us compliant with new standards. Formally scheduled, independent internal audits ensure our operating procedures are fail-proof. Clients and prospects are also invited to conduct their own audits of our facilities.

Biorepository Security and Data Protection

  • Security– Azenta biorepository facilities are custom-designed and purpose-built for storing samples. Our facilities are auto-secured by card-controlled access areas that admit only trained staff.
  • Surveillance– 24/7 video monitoring system and surveillance procedures protect each of our facilities.
  • Heat, Smoke and Motion Detectors– Fast response times to security alerts are sent to smartphones of our facilities managers.
  • Protected Data Infrastructure– Sample data is stored in an offsite, Category 5 Data Center prioritized for protection by the US government.
  • Data Redundancy– All data is backed up daily. We mirror data storage on redundant servers located onsite at our biorepository and offsite at our secure data center.
  • 在process Testing– Incoming material inspection and release, reliability test, design testing, diagnostic test scripts, and blinded test scripts are all performed to ensure that quality of the units is best-in-class from the inception of the equipment through final release to the customer.
  • On-going monitoring– Performance monitors are in place to ensure equipment in use at customer sites is operating correctly. This monitoring allows Azenta Life Sciences to proactively service equipment before critical failures occur and negatively impact our clients.
  • Change Control– All changes are documented and reviewed by the quality unit and executed using a risk-based approach. Customers will be notified of the planned changes as needed.

Business Continuity Plan

  • Facility Backup Power– For Biorepositories, the facility backup generators activate within seconds of an outage. Power is transferred to maintain continuous temperature control and protect samples. All other sites have generators that can be activated as needed.
  • Equipment Redundancy– Back-up generators are load-tested regularly for 30 minutes to ensure our facilities maintain continuous temperature control and stored samples maintain the highest integrity.
  • Guaranteed 24-Hour Resources– Biorepository resupply for diesel fuel, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice ensures that our business essentials are readily available.